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Ativan (Lorezepam) 2 mg

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Ativan (Lorezepam) 1 mg


Ativan (Lorezepam) 1 mg


One of the most popular medications that people use for Anxiety is Ativan. It is a kind of Benzodiazepine that acts on the central nervous system by boosting the natural chemicals in the body to beco

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Ativan Usage:

Ativan is taken orally and should only be used upon the doctor’s advice.  The frequency and dosage depend on the medical condition of the patient. Factors like age, weight, and size are also considered when calculating the dosage.
For patients with anxiety, Ativan is taken 1-2 hours before entering a tense situation.  While under the influence of the drug, it is not advisable to drive or operate heavy machinery.
When Ativan is used for a long time, it loses its efficacy, and then the body becomes immune.  Consult your doctor if you need to increase the dosage or either shift to another anti-anxiety medication.

Is It Recommendable To Buy Ativan Online?

Buying medications online is a better option and are highly recommended. When you buy Ativan online, it is less expensive compared to a regular pharmacy.  The regular pharmacies’ prices are higher because they need to cover the expenses for store rental, taxes, and utilities.

Is It Safe To Buy Ativan Online

It is safe to buy Ativan online. Just make sure that you buy it from a highly reliable pharmacy such as 24medstore. The best part of purchasing Ativan online from us is that the shipment process is safe and discreet. In addition, the customer’s privacy is protected.

Customers are advised to know the laws and regulations regarding prescription medications in their country.  Most importantly, we highly encourage everyone to secure and keep prescriptions of prescribed drugs.

Ativan Side Effects

There are minimal side effects in using Ativan.  Nonetheless, there is a percentage of 1 % complaining about drowsiness, dizziness, and loss of coordination. Others are also experiencing muscle fatigue, sexual inability and having blurred vision.

If these symptoms worsen, don’t hesitate to consult a physician immediately.


Ask advice from your doctor before taking Ativan.  Combining this medication with alcohol or marijuana is not wise either.  If you have any history of substance and alcohol abuse, better inform your doctor so that he or she can make a learned decision.

Ativan can be addictive. At all times, consult a doctor or pharmacist. Sudden stoppage of taking Ativan can cause withdrawal symptoms. Most likely, your doctor will reduce the dosage gradually. Milking mothers are also advised to be extra careful when using Ativan to avoid any ill effect on the baby.

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